Pacemaker Monitoring

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Utilizing our software we provide a patient-centric, device neutral platform for managing all your cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) data and reports—because your ability to care for patients shouldn’t be limited to a single brand.

Why use the DD Imaging?

  • With multiple CIED manufacturers, you need software that lets you collect, view, manage, store and report on that data in one place. We are compatible with PDFs and EGMs for Biotronik®, Boston Scientific®, St. Jude Medical, Medtronic® and SORIN GROUP.
  • Our software automatically recognizes, decrypts, imports and sorts manufacturer programmer data.
  • No limit on device quantity, DD Imaging can help you easily manage the data.
  • Easy access to all ICD, Pacer, ICM and ILR device specifications and information.
  • Easily care for, schedule and manage your patients with our intuitive, patient-centric interface that provides customizable report functionality.
  • Receive real-time instant updates to lead and device library, as well as automated identification of patients impacted by device and lead recalls.
  • Compatible with HL7 Electronic Health Records, giving access to device data, scheduling and reporting.