Remote Telemetry

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Outsource your telemetry monitoring department

At Digital Diagnostics, our staff consists of quality certified technicians, we accurately monitor patients 24/7/365 until discharge. The convenience of our remote department allows you to provide patient care while we take care of telemetry. During any rhythm change or cardiac event, our techs immediately call/email/fax the unit, the charge nurse, the nurse practitioner, the referring physician, the director of nursing all at once or any combination you would like on any change ina patients’ rhythms.

Our reports have been designed to allow rapid review of results, graphing related data and trends. Whether you are looking to start a program or outsource your current telemetry program, we have a solution for you!

From Data to Diagnosis— The Benefits of Telemetry:

  • COST SAVINGS: Our remote telemetry department provides a quality, cost effective solution when compared to typical fulltime staff at hospitals. Never have a call out or coverage problem again!
  • COMPATIBILITY: We are capable of monitoring through different systems, manufacturers we have worked with are: Phillips, GE and Fukuda, Mindray, Datascope, Welch Allyn.
    We can also monitor blood pressure and pulse oximetry, if applicable.
  • EASE OF USE: Physicians can request reports to be sent at their preferred frequency, whether that is once a week, or 4 times a day per the physicians’ request. The Physician can look in from wherever they are and can live stream the patient on a HIPPA complaint platform from any Windows OS.
  • PEACE OF MIND: Hospital staff can focus on patient care, knowing their patients are under our watch.
  • UNMATCHED DIAGNOSTIC ACCURACY: Highly qualified certified technicians, giving you unmatched interpretational accuracy.
  • Personalized Patient Parameters (PPP): makes every exam tailored for the needs of the patient.

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