Mobile Telemetry

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Our best solution for Rehabilitation hospitals and other subacute care hospitals is the mobile telemetry system. This 3-in-1 monitor functions as a telemetry, holter AND event monitor.

  • The mobile 3 or 5 lead monitor transmits the EKG stream Via the hospital Wifi network.
  • With patient specific parameters our staff closely monitors the patient 24/7/365for any cardiac changes and notifies the facility, the referring physician, nurse practitioner, director of nursing, nursing management all at the same time or any combination you can think of.
  • This small, lightweight and compact ECG recorder is designed to increase patient compliance through convenient size and ease of use. Along with giving the facility an extra diagnostic tool to help reduce unnecessary readmission whenever possible.
  • We can provide viewing software to live stream the patients ECG in or out of the facility 24 hours a day. Look in whenever you want.

Sample Parameters:
Physician Notification Criteria/ Monitor Settings (Please check all that apply- adjust protocol as necessary per patient)

Sample Parameters for DDI Mobile Telemetry